The Right Equipment for the Perfect Casting

Melt Equipment

At the heart of our melt operations is a InductoTherm Power-Trak 6.5 million watt coreless induction furnace capable of producing 10.0 metric tons of useable iron in about 50 minutes. This unit is well know for its efficiency in the preparation of metals for foundry applications.

We are also in the process of installing two smaller InductoTherm 5,000 pound 1,500 kilowatt furnaces that will expand our capabilities in producing special and unique irons in smaller quantities.

Molding Operations

Iron molding is a craft that dates back into the middle ages, through many different processes and variations. Indiana IDCastings™ uses the Green Sand Molding Process, wherein sand is combined with clay and water to manufacture a substance that yields great strength and temperature resistance when tightly compressed.

Sand is used in the DISAMATIC process when it is forcefully "blown" with compressed air into a chamber, where two "plates" (patterns) squeeze the material together. This squeezing creates a perfect mirror-image of your casting in sand.

The DISAMATIC process is referred to as "vertical" molding because the molds are produced side-by-side simultaneously, rendering a casting impression both quickly and accurately. DISAMATIC machines commonly outpace other molding methods by 150 percent or more. This enables us to produce higher quality castings at a much lower price than by other molding methods.

When the two sides of the sand mold are mated, molten iron is poured in... and the casting is born.


Once iron cools in the mold, excess sand must be removed and final finishing is completed. Castings are cleaned of sand with a process known as shot-blasting. IDCastings™ uses two types of shot-blast machines that literally "blast" small metal beads onto the casting to provide a bright metal finish.

Final finishing includes utilizing any of our nine stand-grinding stations that eliminate any remaining rough edges on your casting and provide a perfect final product.