The Right Equipment for the Perfect Casting

For more than 100 years, Foundrymen have produced quality iron castings in Noblesville, Indiana.

From the plant's beginning crafting cast iron bathtubs by hand... to today's highly precise automated melt and molding equipment, the plant and its people have always satisfied our customer's desire for price, value and performance.

Today, Molds are produced using World-Standard DISAMATIC high speed molding machines that create castings of fine detail quickly and economically. The staff at IDCastings™ is well-experienced utilizing DISAMATIC machines to produce iron castings commonly used in the automotive, construction and heavy equipment industries.

Unlike many foundries with such equipment, IDCastings™ encourages prospective customers that require smaller quantities, prototype production runs, or service part supplies. While our facility is fully capable of producing more than 1,000,000 or more individual castings per year for each of our customers, we also understand the needs of builders and manufacturers that may need as few as 500 pieces at a time. Our Foundry can work to meet those requirements while you enjoy the quality and precision of the DISAMATIC molding process.

We encourage you to explore our facility and its capabilities. On the pages in this site you will find detailed listings that highlight how we can help with many applications that utilize iron castings... assisting our customers in the manufacture of quality products that, like our foundry, will withstand the test of time.